Ministry Statement

The central objective of this ministry is to build people of Purpose, Power and Praise. This mandate is being fulfilled in everything that the ministry sets forth to do. We have the assignment to teach the Word of God so that His purpose is revealed in each individual. We share the principles of success through spiritual and natural principles for abundant living to empower the Christian to fulfill his purpose. Finally, because the Christian is firmly rooted in the Word of God and understands the source of his spiritual and natural success, he will give all praises to God.

New Covenant Assembly Christian Ministry is a born-again, Spirit-filled Church that places emphasis on building men and women with a God-conscience so that they function as husbands, wives, parents and individuals in a manner that glorifies God and impacts this generation. Also, to reach the lost and hurting with the message of faith, and a loving touch to help people overcome the challenges in life.

Through an example of excellence of ministry, this church will inspire others to achieve excellence in every area of their lives, ministry and careers. Also through teaching the biblical principles of spiritual and natural success with emphasis on specific areas of their lives, the Church will enrich the lives of Christians to maximize every state of their lives and potential. The fruit of the ministry should be that the Word will victoriously transform the lives of people as they take the same message into the world. New Covenant Assembly Christian Ministry is providing the ministry to the whole man in every stage of life and is being a light to point men and women to the Light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.